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Increase sales

Get more customers and higher spending on average with electronic payments.

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Less cash handling

Enjoy the convenience and freedom of cashless transactions.

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Dedicated support

You have a dedicated contact line for all your business queries.

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Added security

Protect your business from theft and fraud by encouraging cashless transactions.

Access a broader market with our point-of-sale terminals
  • Is point-of-sale (POS) right for you?

    • Shoppers often choose to shop where they have the option to pay using their card.
    • Customers who have credit and debit cards tend to spend more than those who only carry cash.
    • International customers often prefer to pay by card rather than with cash.
    • Reduce cash handling costs and risk of fraud by having less cash on your premises.
  • Type of cards accepted

    • VISA
    • MasterCard
    • Maestro
    • UnionPay International  
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