Whether you’re a supplier or a buyer, Absa offers import and export solutions, such as letters of credit, documentary collection and avalisation to make your trade deals run smoother.

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Reduced risk

Let us mitigate your risk by acting on your behalf and absorb the risk.

Added security measures

We support you and ensure that the right documentation and processes are followed.

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Better deals

You can enjoy more efficient deals and build lasting relationships with clients.

Run your imports with peace of mind

If you are a buyer who is interested in importing goods, you need to be able to mitigate your own risk while also gaining the confidence of your suppliers. Let us help you do it. 

What you can expect

  • Import collections

    • Your overseas suppliers present appropriate documentation to their bankers.
    • Documents are forwarded to us to facilitate collection on their behalf.
    • We keep you informed and make sure the stated requirements are fulfilled.
  • Import letters of credit

    • Upon application, we issue an irrevocable letter of credit to your supplier.
    • This provides the reliability you need to secure your trade transaction.
    • We can issue letters of credit in virtually all countries worldwide and in all freely convertible currencies.
    • We can arrange for bank confirmation if required by your supplier.

Enjoy financial security when you’re exporting

As a supplier, you need the peace of mind of trading with reputable buyers and the guarantee of payment — in order to produce orders. Let us help you with that. 

What you can expect

  • Export collections

    • We receive and check your documents on behalf of your buyer.
    • Once we are satisfied that the requirements have been fulfilled, we release finance.
    • Different forms of financing can be arranged.
    • Financing can be arranged for bills under collection as well.
  • Selective receivable finance

    • On behalf of your buyer, we send an export letter of credit to your bank.
    • It provides you with the security you need to conclude your export deal.
    • We can issue letters of credit in virtually all countries worldwide and in all freely convertible currencies.

Avalisation is a win-win situation

Exporters may require a third party, usually a bank, to guarantee payment of a bill of exchange drawn on an importer under a trade contract. This action is known as avalisation and you can request it from Absa. 

What you can expect

  • How it works

    • An 'avalised' bill substitutes the bank's risk for the importer’s risk.
    • This gives the exporter assurance that the payment will be made.
    • The bill can subsequently be discounted or used to negotiate better credit terms.
  • What you get

    • It’s a mutually beneficial solution for overseas traders.
    • It mitigates risk to the exporter.
    • It enhances the trading relationship with the importer.

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