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Free up cash

Improve your daily cash flow with our overdraft facilities.

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Range of solutions

We offer specialised finance options for suppliers and buyers.

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Recognised worldwide

Deal internationally through our reputable global network.

Give your business a working capital injection. Fund your short-term financing needs with our range of working capital facilities. Choose the financing solution suited to your business needs and trade with confidence.

  • Overdraft and short-term loans

    • Manage day-to-day expenses with ease and convenience
    • Instant access
    • Available in local or major foreign currencies
  • Trade loans

    • Get financing solutions to import or export goods and services.
    • Get financing that's tailored to manage funding gaps in your 'working capital cycle' and enhance your cash flow.
    • Both pre-shipment and post-shipment financing is made easy and convenient.
    • Get finance in local or major foreign currencies.
  • Business credit card

    • A convenient way of paying locally or when abroad
    • No need for business cheques or petty cash
    • Closely manage your business expenses
    • Set credit limits for each cardholder

Run your imports and exports with peace of mind. Let us give you the financial security of guaranteed payments. Choose the best route to finance your business assets

Letters of credit

Secure your trade transactions.

Documentary collections

Ensure that your suppliers present import documentary collections.

Avalisation of bills of exchange

Get total assistance when your exporters require payment guarantees.

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Pre and post-shipment financing

Enhance your cash flow with access to finance before shipments takes place.

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Specialised forfaiting facility

Expedite payment and cash flow to eliminate export credit risk.

Explore our solutions
  • Export letters of credit

    Advised within 24 hours of receipt. Upon request, our confirmation can also be added.

  • Import letters of credit

    Our network of branches and correspondent banks enables us to issue irrevocable letters of credit to suppliers in a quick TAT upon receiving your application.

  • Revolving letters of credit

    Useful for buyers and sellers who have long-standing trading relationships. We conditionally undertake to automatically reinstate letters of credit either after the occurrence of specific events or after specific time periods have lapsed.

  • Standby letters of credit

    We generate conditional payments on your behalf by the default of the importer under a specific trade contract and are irrevocable and payable on demand.

  • Transferable letters of credit

    Transferred from the first beneficiary to one or more additional beneficiaries by the transferring bank. Given the risks inherent in these instruments, our trade specialists are available to further discuss the implications and terms and conditions under this type of credit.

  • Import letter - credit refinancing

    Applicable in instances where certain unfavourable market conditions exist on the due payment date and for one reason or another, the applicant is not willing to make settlement.

    We can arrange to settle import letters of credit on your behalf and refinance you locally.

  • Import documentary collections

    Your overseas suppliers present appropriate documentation to their bankers, which are then forwarded to us to facilitate collection on their behalf. We advise you promptly and ensure that instructions are carried out exactly as per their requirements.

  • Bills of exchange

    Exporters may require a third party, usually a bank, to guarantee payment or 'avalise' a bill of exchange drawn on an importer under a trade contract.

    An 'avalised' bill substitutes the bank's risk for the importer’s risk, providing the exporter with the assurance that the payment will be made.

Improve liquidity and get working capital when you need it, boost your cash flow and let your business grow.

  • Increased cash flow

    Discounting a trade instrument such as an export letter of credit and bill of exchange is convenient and offers a cost-effective method of financing for your business. We offer options to discount bills drawn in local currency and major foreign currencies.

  • Added security

    Ensure a positive balance through our non-recourse discounting on avalised bills and confirmed letters of credit.

  • Advance against your receivables

    Allows your business to meet its trade debtors’ commitments and sustain its growth.

Trade more securely with our bank guarantees. Our bonds and guarantees are accepted globally and help to reduce the risks of international trade.

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Accepted worldwide

Standard, internationally-agreed format.

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Tailored to your needs

Can be created in the name of individuals, corporate entities or trust structures.

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Variable terms

Guarantees for any period up to a year, with longer terms available on request.

Explore our solutions
  • Key benefits

    • Secured against your company’s assets
    • Clear international format
    • Tailored to your needs
    • Lasts up to one year (longer periods available on request)
  • The guarantees we offer include

    • Standby letter of credit
    • Tender guarantees (bid bond)
    • Performance guarantees
    • Advance payment guarantees
    • Retention money guarantees
    • Facility guarantees
    • Rent guarantees
    • Trade debt
    • Indemnities
    • Maintenance guarantees
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