Enjoy the right support throughout the life cycle of your contracts with a wide range of guarantees. We’ll help you decide what type of bank guarantee you need, and tailor the wording to meet the specific needs of your deal.

What you can expect

  • Type of bank guarantees offered by Absa

    • Bid bonds
    • Performance guarantees
    • Custom bonds
    • Advance payment guarantees
    • Retention money guarantees
    • Shipping guarantees
    • Maintenance guarantees
  • How it works

    • Guarantees help provide specific support to your contracts.
    • Guarantees can be made for any amount and in any freely-traded currency.
    • We can work with you to tailor the wording of our guarantee to support your requirements.
  • What you get

    • Provide your buyer with a financial commitment to supply goods or services as agreed under a contract.
    • Tender for business that was previously out of reach.
    • Improve the terms of your tenders enabling you to negotiate better terms on contracts.
    • Make your proposition more attractive to your buyer.

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